Rising to the challenge…

Clearly you all liked the new challenge – we’re now sitting at £526,900….. Thanks everyone – there’s still time to join in!

Remeber, minimum investment is £200, maximum £20,000. Each member has one vote, irrespective of the size of investment, and you will receive a 4-5% return on your money – this will be agreed by the IECBS board after the offer closes. You may also be eligible for tax relief on your investment, depending on your tax status. See the prospectus here for full details.

Another day, another fabulous total!

With four days to go, interest is still high – investment in the last few days has taken our total to a new high of £461,250! As always, thank you everyone.

On the ground, we now have a post on site to mark the spot where the turbine will stand – here is a lovely picture of our Technical Adviser and Project Manager, Dr Colin Anderson, marking the spot on Tuesday:


Still climbing….

Yesterday morning we planned on updating the total to £403,000, but forgot… just as well, because today it is a magnificent £415,250!

Thanks, as always, to all who have contributed. So far around 80% of investment has come from Islay, which is a lovely show of confidence in our project. We are however happy to take your investment wherever you are, so please get in touch if you’d like to be involved.