Islay Community Wind Project


Islay Community Wind Project: visualisation of turbine at site, near Castlehill, Isle of Islay

After extensive investigations into potential wind turbine sites, Islay Energy Trust (IET) identified a location near Castlehill, Isle of Islay, in 2010 (see map below). The landowner, Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH), agreed to a feasibility study, and Highlands and Islands Airports Limited (HIAL), owner of nearby Islay Airport, stated that it would not object to a planning application.

A metmast was erected at the proposed location in July 2012. After one year’s operation, average wind speed recorded is over 8.4 m/s, and turbulence levels are well within acceptable limits. The selected turbine is the world renowned 330kW Enercon E33, for which a contract for supply, installation and commissioning has been signed. The total height – ground to blade tip – is 61 metres. The capacity factor is estimated to be at least 39%, a conservative figure for the west coast of Scotland.

No significant issues were revealed by studies completed during the development phase, including:

  • Visual Impact Assessment – completed by Land Use Consultants in May 2013
  • 12 months bird survey requested by SNH, completed on 31 March 2013
  • Geo-technical Survey – completed by Greencat Renewables in March 2012
  • Transport and Access Survey – completed by Collets in December 2012

Construction started in June 2014 and was completed November 2014.

map of turbine location


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