Share Fundraising History

This page istotaliser 1601 a record of the posts showing the flow of share funds take up from the launch on 14th January 2014 to the close of the share issue on 1st April 2014.

They were shown on each posting by the windmill “totaliser” shown on the left. To get the full original thrill, it should be read from the bottom up!


The final total on 1st April …an incredible £530,400…

Thank you all. Everyone who has invested will shortly receive their share certificate – we will also keep you updated on progress of the project.

All we have to do now is build a wind turbine!

31/3 (early evening) – Clearly you all liked the new challenge – we’re now sitting at £526,900….. Thanks everyone – there’s still time to join in!

31/3 (mid afternoon)- Timing is everything… and that last post should have waited half an hour for the Royal Mail to deliver! We now have a remarkable £518,350 – how about setting a new target of £550,000 by midnight? Let’s give it a shot!

31/3 (midday) – The current total stands at £476,550 – wouldn’t it be  great if we made £500,000 by midnight? If there’s anyone out there still wondering whether to invest – take a look at the prospectus, call the office on 01496 301413, or pop in for a chat and a form – let’s see if we can do it!

27/3 – With four days to go, interest is still high – investment in the last few days has taken our total to a new high of £461,250! As always, thank you everyone.

20/3 – Yesterday morning we planned on updating the total to £403,000, but forgot… just as well, because today it is a magnificent £415,250!

Thanks, as always, to all who have contributed. So far around 80% of investment has come from Islay, which is a lovely show of confidence in our project. We are however happy to take your investment wherever you are, so please get in touch if you’d like to be involved.

4/3 – Today’s total – an amazing £376,450. Thanks everyone – the share offer closes on 31st March, so there is still time to invest.

11/2 – Exciting news…..we are now over the £300,000 mark with the actual total standing at £305,550.  Huge thanks and keep it coming!

10/2 – new total of £293,550!

6/2 – £289,150 is a fantastic sum, but we need to keep going…….

28/1 – A great new total to start the week; we are a third of the way there, with £256,450 raised towards our £750,000 goal. Thank you to all of our latest investors for your support – please tell all your friends about us, and remember you don’t have to live on Islay to invest!

24/1 – We have now reached an amazing £200k.  Thank you!

Remember, each investor has one vote as a member of IECBS, irrespective of the sum invested; the maximum investment allowed is £20,000, and for IECBS, the minimum is £200.  The Board of IECBS will set a rate of interest (currently estimated at 4-5%) for investors.

21/1 – A week after the share launch and we have raised £178,050 … almost a quarter of the way to our total!  This is a very encouraging start, keep spreading the word!

16/1 – Thank you to everyone who has shown their support by investing so far. Today’s total is an amazing £156,050 – please keep it coming!

15/1 – 10% of IECBS’s target was reached last night at the launch of the share offer to establish a community wind turbine on Islay.  This is an amazing start to the share offer, a big thank you to all those who came and have invested so far.

At Islay High School last night around 40 people celebrated the launch of the Islay Community Benefit Society.  After a presentation on the Islay Community Wind Project, there was a lively Q&A session and the event raised £74,600, which is an amazing first step on the way to reaching our target of £750,000.


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