Tax Relief

Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS)and Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) Exemption
It is intended that the first £150,000 shares of Withdrawable shares applied for will qualify for 50% tax relief and other tax benefits under the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS). IECBS is proposing that, after the first £150,000 of share applications, all remaining shares (Withdrawable) will qualify for 30% tax relief under the normal Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS).
The Board of IECBS will endeavour to ensure that this Share Offer qualifies for SEIS and EIS tax relief. Advanced Assurance of Eligibility has been obtained from HMRC. However, the Directors are not in a position to absolutely guarantee eligibility. Investors should take their own advice as to whether they are eligible for SEIS or EIS tax relief.
Under EIS and SEIS rules, shareholders taking advantage of this exemption will only be entitled to withdraw funds after the third year. There is no minimum investment level for SEIS or EIS tax relief, other than the IECBS minimum of £200. To take advantage of this exemption, you have to be a taxpayer.  Applications for tax relief are made by the investor to HMRC, not by IECBS. If necessary, investors should seek professional advice.

More information on SEIS and EIS can be found on the HMRC website: and


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