Handover and First Month

The IECBS Board is delighted to confirm that the turbine was formally handed over to our ownership on April 28th and so has just completed its first month of real production.  As you may have noticed, May was quite windy and the turbine produced a remarkable 133,346 Kwh of electricity, with 99.74% availability.

The turbine was also producing power throughout its testing and handover period  – around 190,000 Kwh in total – and we shall shortly be receiving the income due to us for that period.  Regular quarterly reports on the turbine’s performance will appear in a dedicated corner of this website as from July.

As we have now been trading for 4 months, we are able to start the process of Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) Certification with HMRC on behalf of those investors who indicated that they wish to claim it.  Claims for relief can be made up to 5 years after the first 31 January following the tax year in which the investment was made (2013/14).  Further information on the scheme may be found on the following link – https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/the-enterprise-investment-scheme-introduction/enterprise-investment-scheme.  We will contact the relevant investors individually in due course.


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