Ofgem accreditation at Last

The Islay Energy Community Benefit Society Board are delighted to announce that Santa has come a little early and we now have the formal accreditation for the turbine from Ofgem. This has been  a very lengthy process, mainly due to a large backlog of accreditation requests in the queue, and we wish to thank Geunda Young of the Islay Energy Trust for her tireless chasing of Ofgem over the past year.

Accreditation means that we can now claim the Feed in Tariff for the electricity generated since the first official generation in February. The turbine has performed very well since its handover to IECBS at the end of April, and despite a few glitches has almost caught up with the projected first year generation, which shows how windy it has been. You can track the performance at


The Board will be meeting in early February to start discussing the share dividend and the first payment to the Community Fund. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous, and windy, New Year.


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